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Amy Everett

Staff Accountant

The Anti-Millenial Millenial: Amy is that rare unicorn who has all of the positive characteristics of her millennial generation, without any of the negative. She is a technologically savvy multitasker who cares deeply for her clients and loves being challenged.

Brass Tax: Amy’s position on the Bring Team has evolved over the years. Currently, she maintains the books of some of our biggest clients, including their Payroll, Payroll and Sales Tax Reporting, and Quarterly Financial Statements. Amy earned her MBA and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.

Fluff: Amy is a HUGE fan of the San Francisco Giants and enjoys creating her fantasy football team. She loves family time with her two sons and her sister as well as maintaining her amazing nails. You seriously have to see her type 100 words per minute.

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